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Cidadania 2.0: the next chapter

The adventure started back in 2010 when I happened to finally meet Ana Neves and she shared with me her idea of raising awareness, in Portugal and beyond, about the potential of social tools to support citizenship projects, drive collective action and stimulate conversations between governments and citizens. From that initial exchange of ideas and … Continue reading

Is the future of organizations individual disruption?

June was packed with interesting and inspiring conversations. Social Business Forum 2012, Switch Conference and Social Now provided the venues for meeting for the first time, or encountering again, some very smart folks. Themes range from social business, the future of organizations and work to life, goals, books, communities and challenges. In many cases, the … Continue reading

Book review: The Cluetrain Manifesto

And there it is: I finally read The Cluetrain Manifesto! It was on the top of my reading list for ages but somehow other readings always seemed to step in the way. The final trigger I guess came when a couple of months ago I attended Dachis Social Business Summit in London and JP Rangaswami, … Continue reading

What’s the problem with semantics?

Sometimes I think that we live in an era of oversimplification which does no good to the learning and discussion processes around some topics. Some will just say: if people don’t understand A let’s just label it as B, even if B is not the accurate term for A. Confused? Let me give you two examples.    Exhibit 1: Oscar Berg tweeted some … Continue reading

Shi(f)t happens

I’m in Lisbon to attend the Shift 2010 conference. And I never thought that I would say this but a volcano (yes, a volcano) has affected the event. Simply explained: the flight chaos prevented some attendees and speakers from travelling, namely Lee Bryant from Headshift (and Lee was really one of the main reasons for … Continue reading

Why Elvis was wrong

During the weekend I was reminded of the song performed by Elvis that said something like “a little less conversation, a little more action”. I suddenly realized that the catchphrase is actually wrong. We don’t need less conversation, we need less one-way talk, less monologues, less people telling you/us what to do. Conversation for the sake of conversation is just “small talk”. … Continue reading