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Goodbye 2013, hello 2014!

This a.m. as I was getting ready to head to the office a story came to my mind: back in the early 90s our neighbours came to woke us up one Saturday morning. We rushed down the stairs to see what the fuss was all about and realized that a young foreign woman, travelling with her … Continue reading

Until you walk the talk (of social)

Picture this: you are a company talking the talk of social. You claim to understand it. You say you are part of that movement. You “preach” it. And then something happens: one of your employees goes to visit a client and he knows little about your competition, little about what social really means, little about … Continue reading

Forget G+, we need C+

The project is recent and I’m already a big fan of it. Feed The Reader is what I would call a collaborative blog-like site where some very smart people share their views on topics as diverse as the Internet, Design, Social Entrepreneurship, Startups and others. At the moment all posts are published in Portuguese but … Continue reading

When content finds you

And suddenly a thought: I now rarely search for content on topics that interest me. Instead, content comes to me through my network of connections on the social web, especially on Twitter. Interestingly I would say that this shift happened without me realizing it. Just a thought…

Saying hello to 2011, waving goodbye to 2010

“Art is a personal act of courage” Seth Godin Under a motto of stepping out of my comfort zone and thinking outside the box, this has been the year of serendipity, change and growth for me. No doubt about that. Serendipity led me to meet really interesting people, some of them becoming good friends, at events such … Continue reading

That’s not my name: the ties of the new social

“…the information we give off about our selves… has dramatically increased our social visibility and made it easier for us to find each other…”, Clay Shirky in “Here Comes Everybody” Last week I was invited to attend an informal after work gathering organized and communicated via Twitter. During most part of the event I stood … Continue reading

Bring back humanity

An old friend of mine helps her parents at their local coffee shop business. The other day she commented, in a heartfelt manner, about the increasing rudeness of clients. “I don’t know if it is because of the crisis”, she said, “but most of them look angry and tired, they hardly look us in the eye and … Continue reading

A personal note on a personal project

From the past year or two I tend to have lots of side projects, on top of the regular paying job, running at the same time. It somewhat makes me feel alive & useful, besides allowing me to explore different ventures and meeting & working with very distinct people and topics, something I really appreciate. … Continue reading