Posted in March 2010

Book review: Collaboration by Morten T. Hansen

Finished reading Morten T. Hansen’s book entitled “Collaboration: How leaders avoid the traps, create unity, and reap big results“. How I got to this book is a perfect example of the benefits of today’s Web. I first remember seeing a recommendation of this book by Professor Andrew McAfee several months ago. And as time went by, the more … Continue reading

We are just the same

This week I participated in a brainstorming session on the future role of IT across different business units. The gathering featured mostly IT people and some line-of-business folks and we separated in groups containing elements from both “worlds”. As the session went on, and we all contributed with several ideas, I suddenly realized that the worries and … Continue reading

Why Elvis was wrong

During the weekend I was reminded of the song performed by Elvis that said something like “a little less conversation, a little more action”. I suddenly realized that the catchphrase is actually wrong. We don’t need less conversation, we need less one-way talk, less monologues, less people telling you/us what to do. Conversation for the sake of conversation is just “small talk”. … Continue reading

And finally…

I’ve been wanting to try WordPress for a while but always seemed to be missing the time (or the excuse). But in the past few weeks several people asked me “do you have a blog?” So, to cut a long story short, here it is. I will be blogging about life, work and art. Or … Continue reading