We are just the same

This week I participated in a brainstorming session on the future role of IT across different business units. The gathering featured mostly IT people and some line-of-business folks and we separated in groups containing elements from both “worlds”.

As the session went on, and we all contributed with several ideas, I suddenly realized that the worries and needs were very common to both IT and non-IT people. Topics surrounded information sharing, expertise location, knowledge management, online training and networking. My mind was constantly buzzing “Enterprise 2.0” and I was particularly pleased when a discussion on the topic of Web 2.0 and internal collaboration arose.

But more interestingly I was particularly pleased to find out that, no matter which business unit or which department we work, we all have similar needs, we all “see” the information silos, we all want more.


3 thoughts on “We are just the same

  1. We all seem to want more collaboration, or at least more enablers of collaboration (on the tools/technology side and on the organizational culture side).

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