Posted in April 2010

What’s the problem with semantics?

Sometimes I think that we live in an era of oversimplification which does no good to the learning and discussion processes around some topics. Some will just say: if people don’t understand A let’s just label it as B, even if B is not the accurate term for A. Confused? Let me give you two examples.    Exhibit 1: Oscar Berg tweeted some … Continue reading

A SHIFTing experience

Last weekend I attended the SHIFT 2010 conference in Lisbon and I’ll like to share with you some ideas from the talks I attended. Let me just start by saying that I had never heard of the event until a tweet from Lee Bryant caught my attention a couple of months ago. Knowing that Lee … Continue reading

Shi(f)t happens

I’m in Lisbon to attend the Shift 2010 conference. And I never thought that I would say this but a volcano (yes, a volcano) has affected the event. Simply explained: the flight chaos prevented some attendees and speakers from travelling, namely Lee Bryant from Headshift (and Lee was really one of the main reasons for … Continue reading

Here comes the wave: ride it or be hit

Some companies think that the social media and social networks phenomenon is none of their business, either because they are not using them and/or because it has nothing to do with their line of business. Well, newsflash: it is every company’s business whether they want it or not! Let me illustrate my point with a small example that occurred today. A … Continue reading

I = igniting, inspiring

Last month I decided to participate in an Ignite event. I must confess that I had never heard about Ignite until mid-February when a friend sent me a link saying “Ain’t this interesting?” and then just snapped “What if you delivered a talk about Enterprise 2.0?” [one of the topics I’m currently passionate about]. After … Continue reading

The art of tea making

I’m currently reading (no, not reading, devouring) Seth Godin‘s new book entitled “Linchpin – Are You Indispensable?“. In a nutshell what Godin says is that the world (and organizations) are in demand of a new kind of “employee”, one that spreads its art – the art of giving, the art of navigating without a map, the … Continue reading