I = igniting, inspiring

Last month I decided to participate in an Ignite event. I must confess that I had never heard about Ignite until mid-February when a friend sent me a link saying “Ain’t this interesting?” and then just snapped “What if you delivered a talk about Enterprise 2.0?” [one of the topics I’m currently passionate about].

After checking the website I found the concept of Ignite extremely interesting and was particularly excited by the fact that the event taking place at the beginning of March was part of Global Ignite Week, a global movement of Ignite talks all around the world. So I decided to jump onboard the adventure of delivering an “inspiring” 5 minute talk (with slides rotating automatically after every 15 seconds).

My key goal was to deliver a simple talk so that all of those non-familiar with the 2.0 phenomenon could relate to the message I was conveying. And luckily they did, as I found out at the end. If you can spare 5 minutes of your time please check the video and tell me what you think.

And please remember: your work may not be your life but let your life ignite your work!


6 thoughts on “I = igniting, inspiring

  1. and a gap of trust and positive thinking. Trust and positive thinking is critical to a successful implementation of any e2.0 solution. I think one of the main reasons why people hold back on sharing, collaborating and co-creating is that they are afraid that their content maybe re-used (harvested) without proper attribution, or that they may not get full credit for their contributions.

    Few days ago I asked Eric Reiss if I could harvest some slides from his presentation, and I received a most interesting response:

    “Harvest away, my friend! Let’s make the world a better place :)”

    I think this is the attitude we need to take towards sharing, collaboration, and co-creation. When we share ideas freely, we empower others and ourselves.

    • @Sabiq Ali: great comment! Totally agree with you. The lack of trust and positive thinking undermines the future of an organization, and sure compromises the creation of an environment that will guarantee the success of an Enterprise 2.0 philosophy.

  2. Ana –

    Thank you for sharing this terrific presentation. I’m really impressed with how you included so much useful information into such a compressed format. (And thanks to @Saqib Ali for yammering about it!)

    • @Roy,

      I agree. It is not easy to prepare a Ignite talk packed with information due to time constraints. Ana did an awesome job.


  3. @Roy and @Saqib thank you very much for your kind words. It was really a great experience!

    @Sabiq forgot to comment your Eric Reiss episode. It just shows that some people really understand the process of co-creation. And Seth Godin’s “gift” concept at Linchpin just keeps coming to mind…

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