Here comes the wave: ride it or be hit

Some companies think that the social media and social networks phenomenon is none of their business, either because they are not using them and/or because it has nothing to do with their line of business. Well, newsflash: it is every company’s business whether they want it or not!

Let me illustrate my point with a small example that occurred today. A former colleague is returning to the company after some years of absence. I did not find out through an internal communication by the HR department, I did not find through her soon-to-be boss, nor did I find out through any of our colleagues: I just saw her new job title in an update on LinkedIn.

So as much as a company chooses (if it is really a conscious choice which I think it is not) to ignore the social media wave it must face the fact that the boundaries of our personal and professional personas are blurring. A sea of information about our companies, brands and employees is currently out there, one blog post, or comment, or status update at a time. Ignoring the phenomenon does not seem the solution. So pack up your swimsuit or surf board: we have some waters to test and a wave to ride!


5 thoughts on “Here comes the wave: ride it or be hit

  1. G. Moore at Google #atmosphere10 said, “we leave digital footprints everywhere we go. People can begin to anticipate what we might do.”

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