Posted in May 2010

When Godin meets software development

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (thank you, thank you!) you know that I’m a big fan of Seth Godin, especially his latest book “Linchpin”. This week I attended a presentation about Agile and SOA and I remembered Linchpin again (I was particularly curious to hear about Agile ever since I’ve seen one … Continue reading

Do companies have lizard brains?

The human brain has something called the amygdala (also named the lizard or reptilian brain) that pretty much keeps us on our toes and deals with emotions connected to our survival, namely with fear. It’s the thing that makes us afraid of public speaking, that makes us judge someone by their appearance, that will always … Continue reading

Mixed feelings

This week I started blogging internally for a project of the company. It’s my first time as an “official” internal blogger and I’m quite excited. Particularly because I will be writing and discussing about the concept of Enterprise 2.0 and what it means for businesses. But at the same time I’ve been thinking  a lot … Continue reading

More questions than answers

Is in-house a bad thing? Have companies grown so accustomed to asking for external advise and seeking outside expertise (in the form of consultancy) that they fail to see the potential, knowledge and critical thinking that resides inside their corporate walls? Do we trust a stranger that charges us a considerable amount of money more … Continue reading

The fight for attention

This post starts with a love story. Some years ago a friend of mine was in love with this girl. One day, after some dates, she told him that she liked a certain music band. Some days later my friend offered her a CD of that band to which she said “how did you know I liked them?” and he replied … Continue reading