Mixed feelings

This week I started blogging internally for a project of the company. It’s my first time as an “official” internal blogger and I’m quite excited. Particularly because I will be writing and discussing about the concept of Enterprise 2.0 and what it means for businesses.

But at the same time I’ve been thinking  a lot this week that I should REALLY go to the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston/US in mid-June (in fact, Boston seems the place to be in case you want to attend good conferences on social media, innovation and social software for the enterprise!). I’ve watched some livestream of the S. Francisco conference last autumn and understood that that was the place to be if you really want to be at the forefront of the discussion on this topic. I’ve also attended the virtual Enterprise 2.0 conference in February this year.

So being in Boston, having already done a lot of research on Enterprise 2.0 and with a lot of things to clarify and learn from the best, seemed like the natural step. I considered the idea but after doing some calculations on conference fee plus travel and accommodations I kind of gave up the idea. I probably think I’ll regret that…


2 thoughts on “Mixed feelings

  1. So my thoughts on E2.0 conference:

    There is a lot of re-iteration of what is being already said outside of the conference. The difference is, off course, that you now get to hear it from a real live person, instead of reading it in a blogpost.

    As this is a huge conference, there is a lot of marketing and hype involved. Everyone pretends to be “THE” social media expert. I tend to stay away from these types of conferences. Instead I sign for smaller more focused talks at Berkeley, SCU, and Stanford, and I get much more out of them. I attended two day long sessions this year at Stanford and Berkeley covering SM for Lawyers, and there is one coming up at SCU.

    Just my $0.02


  2. Hello Saqib.

    Well, I guess I can see what you mean. But I really wanted to get the chance to hear and meet some people. But I’ll just have to settle for the livestream… at least this time 🙂

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