A personal note on a personal project

From the past year or two I tend to have lots of side projects, on top of the regular paying job, running at the same time. It somewhat makes me feel alive & useful, besides allowing me to explore different ventures and meeting & working with very distinct people and topics, something I really appreciate. I can say that I’m currently on a path of learning (watching/reading/listening) & engaging whilst trying to figure out where this path will take me… Curiously this path is confusing people as to who am I and what do I do (no worries, I sometimes also get a bit confused 🙂 ).

Helping to organize the IMPACT0 conference was one of those projects and it came to an end on the 1st of June (only minor wrap-up work to do). I had been involved previously in the organization of one or two events but never with such a degree of responsibility and work, so it was all kind of new to me.

I don’t want to dwell on the project itself but I just feel like sharing a brief reflection of what it meant to me. I embarked on this challenging project because I knew that I could make a difference there, and I wanted the Porto Business School to step out a bit of the traditional comfort zone of conferencing planning and execution. I wanted them to dare more!

And I also wanted, in a semi-selfish way, to bring to my hometown a speaker knowledgeable (really knowledgeable, and not one of those abundant self-entitled experts or gurus) on the topic of social media and social business design. So, unsurprisingly, David Armano was at the top of our list. He accepted the invitation and challenge and I have had the personal privilege of spending quality time with him discussing social media whilst drinking Port wine (what more could a social media newbie like myself wish for?). So I would like to address a personal “thank you” to David.

Organizing IMPACT0 also meant giving up weekends, having my personal life reduced to close to zero, spend long long hours on this laptop (my faithful companion) and having to juggle an hectic weekly agenda up to the point where friends would ask me “when will you stop running?”. Stating things like this makes it sound painful and believe me at times it was a real challenge finding the stamina to balance job, other projects and the conference.

But was it worth? You bet! Would I do it again? For sure! Would I change anything? Apart for minor details, not really. Did I make myself proud (believe me, I can be pretty demanding)? Yes I did!

So personal lessons learned:

» I’m on the right path though it may take a while to see light at the end of the tunnel…

» I can live tweet and do simultaneous translation at the same time 🙂

» When you combine your ART with lots of WORK, your LIFE can hopefully turn for the best

What’s next? Well deserved holidays and some more side projects…


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