The art of explaining a blogger’s absence

Yesterday I was horrified to discover that it has been more than one month since I last posted on this blog. Since then I’ve been trying to figure out where the days have gone. The truth is that I’ve been rather busy trying to juggle several balls: the regular (paid) job, the communication strategy (including how to “tackle” social media) for a friend’s brand, the preparation and deliver of a talk on what social media means for companies and brands, and some other extra activities.

In the meantime I am now preparing the presentation that I will deliver at the next Ignite Portugal event this Wednesday. It will include lizards, brains, fear and innovation, all in 5 igniting (or so I hope) minutes.

Some posts have been going through my mind lately but I still need a bit more research… stay tuned… if you have the patience 🙂


4 thoughts on “The art of explaining a blogger’s absence

    • Well, this time I’ll deliver the talk in Portuguese. But of course I’ll think of a way to do a version in English 🙂 Meanwhile I’m dealing with my own lizard brain which yesterday, at about 10pm, started telling “You stupid woman, what are you doing? It will not work, they will not like it, you are not felling confident”. Of course I’m telling him to shut up 🙂

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