Posted in August 2010

That’s not my name: the ties of the new social

“…the information we give off about our selves… has dramatically increased our social visibility and made it easier for us to find each other…”, Clay Shirky in “Here Comes Everybody” Last week I was invited to attend an informal after work gathering organized and communicated via Twitter. During most part of the event I stood … Continue reading


My network weekly digest: summer in the city edition

I learn a lot from the people that form my online network, especially that on Twitter where the majority of the serendipity, WOW and OMG moments take place.  Today I decided to share with you what happened to that network of throughout this week. Since the word connection seems to me a bit “mechanical”, the … Continue reading


Bring back humanity

An old friend of mine helps her parents at their local coffee shop business. The other day she commented, in a heartfelt manner, about the increasing rudeness of clients. “I don’t know if it is because of the crisis”, she said, “but most of them look angry and tired, they hardly look us in the eye and … Continue reading