Bring back humanity

An old friend of mine helps her parents at their local coffee shop business. The other day she commented, in a heartfelt manner, about the increasing rudeness of clients. “I don’t know if it is because of the crisis”, she said, “but most of them look angry and tired, they hardly look us in the eye and almost never say thank you”.

Knowing herself and her family’s dedication to the business, I can surely tell you that this is not a case of bad customer service (not that that would be an excuse for rudeness anyway). So for days I wondered what could be the cause. And during my reflection I recalled several occasions, in and out of the office, where people just didn’t pause for a moment to show their appreciation or thank someone, or myself, for in some way helping make their life a bit easier.

So I have sadly come to the conclusion that we are losing the great art of giving feedback, especially that of the positive sort. Can the challenges of modern life be turning us into always-complaining and never-thanking creatures?

In a time when so much discussion is going around the topics of customer relationship management and customer service in the era of social, and as we call for greater humanity from brands and companies, maybe we should all stop for a moment first and rediscover the humanity inside ourselves.

Thank you for reading. I highly appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Bring back humanity

  1. Curiously enough I’ve complained about the same a few days ago but in my case was the completely different client approach from the country side to city side.

    Personally I smile at people all the time. Even at work a simple eye contact makes me smile at my co-workers and they smile back.
    The same happens when I go, for example, to the gas station. It’s an almost mechanic customer service until the moment someone smiles first, makes eye contact and talks after.

    Each day that goes by people have less and less personal time and when they do have it they’ll eventually start thinking about the future. I am the perfect example of what I just mentioned.

    • Hello Mario. Thank you for your comment 🙂 I’m a firm believer that positive energies provoke positive energies on other people, hence I can really relate to your “I smile at people all the time”. It’s the good sort of contagious effect.
      But sometimes it Just seems that we are forgetting what our parents and grandparents have taught us regarding education, humility, and humanity.

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