My network weekly digest: summer in the city edition

I learn a lot from the people that form my online network, especially that on Twitter where the majority of the serendipity, WOW and OMG moments take place.  Today I decided to share with you what happened to that network of throughout this week.

Since the word connection seems to me a bit “mechanical”, the word “friend” is rather inappropriate and the word “person” lacks humanity, I thing I’ll go with the wording tie (which brings a sense of strength with it) to name those that belong to my network.

So here is a snapshot of last week’s events, with my value added (or just plain witty) comments:

» two ties are reading Linchpin by Seth Godin (excellent choice! reminds me this post of mine)

» some ties love the new Arcade Fire album (can’t really comment on this, haven’t listened yet)

» some ties are advising, or seeking advice, on what to read during the summer holidays (I’m taking Clay Shirky and Daniel Pink with me 😉 )

» some ties praised me (well done you!!!)

» other ties took the time to read my stuff (a double thank you to you!!)

» one tie helped me discover the mega interesting Techonomy conference (interesting discussions and some brilliant minds)

» one tie gave me a #FF recommendation (hurray!!!)

» some ties engaged with me (kudos to you!!)

» some ties ignored me (hey, no harm taken)

» several ties shared very interesting stuff (ah, again that so-much-to-read-so-little-time feeling)

» one tie gave me precious life tips, sailing-style (don’t ask 😉 )

» one tie was very happy because I helped him (anytime 🙂 )

On top of this I was delighted to see how a link that I shared last Sunday traveled through my network, passed by the original author of the document and continued it’s journey (empirical evidence: degrees of separation on Twitter are definitely less than 6).

Hope you liked this weekly digest (hey, blogging can’t be just about writing posts on the future of work and mankind, can it?).


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