Posted in September 2010

Book review: Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky

Every once in a while you come across one of those books that goes beyond the mere collection of anecdotes or examples on “hot” topics. “Here Comes Everybody” by Clay Shirky is one of those books. We now have communications tools that are flexible enough to match our social capabilities, and we are witnessing the … Continue reading

A tale of tools and tribulations

The story repeats itself, only the characters change. “We need a tool to share information/improve access to information/get people to collaborate. What should we use?” At times the plot gets more complicated as the ones seeking advice bring on THE examples. “You know, something like a Wikipedia/Google Search/Facebook”. And there stands the poor Enterprise 2.0 … Continue reading

Just a click on a button

The gathering was to be a smashing success. More than 1.500 former students had confirmed their presence through Facebook, the platform that enabled the event by generating the phenomenon of finding long lost connections at a staggering pace. And yet, as the local paper today reports, only little more than 50 people showed up at … Continue reading

When childhood memories meet social media

I grew up playing board games as an entertainment. I particularly liked playing cards with my grandfather and my older cousin (he always cheated, I never did) and we would use beans (yes, beans!) as playing chips. The fun continued with Scrabble and the like, but what I really loved playing (and seldom did because … Continue reading

The art of being social… online

For those of us blogging for several years, life streaming constantly, establishing worldwide connections via social networks, and having a tweet count with four digits, being social online just seems natural and easy. But for others, regardless of their age or digital literacy, things may not be so straightforward. I’m advising a friend on the … Continue reading