The art of being social… online

For those of us blogging for several years, life streaming constantly, establishing worldwide connections via social networks, and having a tweet count with four digits, being social online just seems natural and easy. But for others, regardless of their age or digital literacy, things may not be so straightforward.

I’m advising a friend on the social media strategy for his brand. In the bloom of his 30-something, and with an extensive experience in the field of technology and e-commerce, his concept of social is one that includes a table, friends, a bottle of wine or a pack of beers, and good music and conversation.

His passion for his brand is notorious, translated into the products he picks for his catalogue. His care on customer service is present in every order. His desire to move the business forward, spreading the word on their innovative and design product range, is also noticeable.

And yet he has a hard time understanding all this “I permanently share bits of my life with total strangers” (we the “online socials” call it life streaming) or the “I as a brand/business will engage with my actual/potential customers” (the social brands/social business “phenomenon”).

On the other hand, he feels the pressure from happy customers and friends for not being on the social media sphere: “where can I find your Facebook page to share with my friends?”

So my current challenge is to help him translate his passion for his brand and the type of customer relationships that he already establishes, and amplify them via social media, but making sure this is done using a “baby steps framework” and guaranteeing he fully understands the level of effort and commitment required.

In a nutshell, I’m trying to coach him on the art of being social, online style. Wish us both good luck!


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