It’s free, it’s open and it’s not (y)ours

It is not the first time that this happens but today the show must be airing again and fans are taking over the #e20 hashtag, usually used to discuss topics related to Enterprise 2.0, commenting on the (apparently not very well written) new series of BBC’s famous soap opera Eastenders called E20 (that surely explains a lot).

I was about to log off and catch up on the reading of Clay Shirky when this tweet caught my attention:

Is  it lost? Well, it’s a bit of a mess right now and I’m not sure what @JonnoPH means by “Yep its offical! #E20 is a shyte as ever, people is dis what you were tellin me I was missin? *YAWN*” 🙂

But you see that’s the price we all have to pay for using a platform such as Twitter: it’s free, it’s open, and it ain’t (y)ours to control.

So if you are bored to death I propose a new game: try to distinguish which tweets belong to the techie fans and which ones are commenting on the lives of Naz, Asher, Sol and Stevie. Good night and… good luck 🙂


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