Posted in October 2010

A brief note to my recent followers

I’ve lately experienced a sudden rise in the number of followers on Twitter (not surprising due to the “exposure” of my Twitter persona because of tweets on the Enterprise 2.0 Summit and my co-organization of Cidadania 2.0). So, in addition to this page on this blog, I’ve decided to present myself to those recently interested … Continue reading

Lessons learned at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit

It’s an official wrap up for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Frankfurt. It was a great event with some good content and great people. As participants we all surely take with us different things depending on our background and experience in the topic. Being my first time at this conference, let me share with you … Continue reading

Blogging from the skies… almost

(this post was written on board a Ryanair flight, destination Frankfurt) I haven’t blogged recently. Not due to a lack of subjects or inspiration but purely due to a lack of time. So today I decided to take advantage of the 2hrs and 40 minutes long flight to sketch a blog post on my new … Continue reading

A brief note on failure

I’m currently reading Open Leadership by Charlene Li and have started today chapter 9 – The failure imperative. I’ll just leave you with a brief quote on this topic from this great book (a review post will come in due time, promise): There are four actions that an open leader can take to ensure that … Continue reading

Social networks at the enterprise

The other day I was having an informal conversation with some colleagues around the topic of Web 2.0 tools inside an organization. The main question was “what can these new technologies do for businesses? What are companies using it for?”. The interest arose from their personal awareness/curiosity on the topic and they approached me because … Continue reading