A brief note on failure

I’m currently reading Open Leadership by Charlene Li and have started today chapter 9 – The failure imperative. I’ll just leave you with a brief quote on this topic from this great book (a review post will come in due time, promise):

There are four actions that an open leader can take to ensure that the organization is resilient in the face of failure and able to learn and grow from challenges:

1. Acknowledge that failure happens

2. Encourage dialog to foster trust

3. Separate the person from the failure

4. Learn from your mistakes

The fear of failure is a theme that particularly interests me, both at the level of how it impacts organizations and also at a personal/individual level.

I’ve dedicated 5 minutes to this topic on my latest participation at Ignite Porto (you check it here). It is my firm believe that we will have to master the art of dealing with fear if we want to be resilient in face of the uncertain times ahead…


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