Blogging from the skies… almost

(this post was written on board a Ryanair flight, destination Frankfurt)

I haven’t blogged recently. Not due to a lack of subjects or inspiration but purely due to a lack of time. So today I decided to take advantage of the 2hrs and 40 minutes long flight to sketch a blog post on my new purple Moleskine.

I am on my way to the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Frankfurt. My purpose in going is two-fold: I want to deepen my knowledges on this subject and meet some top notch experts and practitioners (and Twitterers) face to face.

I am investing in this trip myself which is to say that I did not ask for my company’s “sponsorship”, though I plan on sharing internally what I’ll learn. Thus I will not attend the conference representing an organization.

I am flying as Ana Data Girl, E2.0 evangelist, conference organizer (in my free time), Ignite speaker, curious mind, imperfect soul, cat lover, interested in the future of work, fascinated by the secrets of the human brain, workaholic (yes, a bit, I confess), friend of my friends, and occasional volunteer.

I am here (well, I was actually several feet above the ground) to humbly listen, learn from other people’s experiences, connect with practitioners from other cultures, share my views, have a few drinks (though I must confess that I do not like beer), and eat some delicious salty pretzels.

So if you happen to see a long-haired brunette fast walking around the conference halls and most likely armed with a purple Moleskine, it’s probably me 🙂 Give me a shout out (not literally please) and introduce yourself. I have some cute Moo cards to give 🙂


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