Lessons learned at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit

It’s an official wrap up for the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Frankfurt. It was a great event with some good content and great people. As participants we all surely take with us different things depending on our background and experience in the topic. Being my first time at this conference, let me share with you my lessons learned:

» starting from the inside (internal initiatives aimed at employees) to gain proficiency in order to move to the outside (externally connecting and engaging in communities with customers and other partners) seems to be the norm.

» there are still more questions than answers or, as Lee Bryant brilliantly pointed out, “we are still quite early”

» cultural issues (both at a corporate/company and country level), on top of language barriers, are real challenges/concerns in Europe. And there is not a clear response on how to address the topic.

» acting in context (of the business, of the company, of the teams, of the way work gets done) is key!

» even “unusual suspects”, like “historic” companies in more traditional sectors such as heavy manufacturing, can do it

» there is not a clear consensus on the role of the Enterprise 2.0 manager after project implementation

» serendipity and emergence really happen and are critical

» social software can help “level the play” between different locations of a global company, especially for those further from the headquarters (they feel that their voice is finally heard, that they have a saying)

» bringing important business processes to this sphere helps in understanding where the value is and in generating adoption

These are the major takeouts for me of these two great days.

For really great content check the hashtag #e20s and look into Emanuele Quintarelli‘s  and Samuel Driessen‘s blog posts.

I will post some of my favorite quotes from the conference on a later post. But now on to catch up on some reading.



3 thoughts on “Lessons learned at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit

    • Thank you Samuel. It was lovely meeting you. We’ll keep in touch through the blogsphere and Twitter Universe and will swap pics 🙂 Oh, and btw, when I grow up I want to live blog as fast as you do 😉

  1. Thank you for sharing these with us, you lucky girl!
    Enjoy the rest of your time there, mature your learning and ideas, and then write another post with your newly baked thoughts and reflections.

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