A brief note to my recent followers

I’ve lately experienced a sudden rise in the number of followers on Twitter (not surprising due to the “exposure” of my Twitter persona because of tweets on the Enterprise 2.0 Summit and my co-organization of Cidadania 2.0).

So, in addition to this page on this blog, I’ve decided to present myself to those recently interested in catching up with my 140 characters updates, which also serves as a “warning” of what they might (and might not) expect:

»« I am not an expert nor an authority in anything, except in the ART of managing my LIFE and WORK, and even then I do not always get it right 🙂

»« I mostly tweet in English, though the occasional tweet in other languages is bound to happen

»« I tweet random thoughts, my life, the occasional nonsense, my blog posts and my projects

»« I RT interesting, useful and inspiring content

»« I do not follow many people since my attention span is limited so please do not feel “offended” if I don’t follow you back

»«  Please feel free to unfollow me if you find my tweets uninteresting. Your attention might be needed somewhere else. And I REALLY mean this 🙂

For those that stick around: welcome to my world!!


3 thoughts on “A brief note to my recent followers

    • When one starts blogging about the art of managing one’s life and work, one does not expect to receive such warming & loving comments from dear old time friends. And yet, it happens 🙂

      I love you to R lady 🙂

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