Quotes from the E2.0 Summit

As promised, here are some of my favourite quotes from the Enterprise 2.0 Summit this last October in Frankfurt/Germany:

“E2.0 is not about Web 2.0. It is about a new version of the enterprise.” (Richard Collin) This reminds me of my Ignite talk last March.

“Serendipity is critical because innovation is critical.” (Richard Collin) » I love the concept of serendipity.

[on corporate culture] Don’t try to change the culture ahead, it takes ages.” (Cécile Demailly) » The difficult task of managing change.

“The context in which we work conditions how we adopt these new behaviours.” (Bertrand Duperrin) » The importance of context became very evident throughout the conference.

“Social software can help level the play [between different local offices and especially for those further from the headquarters] .” (Mike Thompson) » Very important for multinational companies.

[on the archetype of adoption through exploration] People need time & a shared context to explore the platforms and appropriate these into existing practices.” (Alexander Richter & Alexander Stocker) » Once again the importance of context.

“If you have great tools but not the people, you’ve got nothing.” (Luis Suarez) » Oh yes!

“The major driver for social software behind the firewall is communities.” (Luis Suarez) » So it seems…

Silos will still exist. Just need to understand if they have to. Some have, if they deal with sensitive info.” (Luis Suarez) » The importance of understanding that openness is a continuum and not an “all or nothing at all” deal.

“We are still in the realm of adoption of tools and we should be [going for] the goal of business improvement.” (Lee Bryant) » Really important to focus on this. Technology only goes so far as to act as an enabler.

[the case of BASF] The variety of communities that came up could never been expected. (CheeChin Liew) » Emergent outcomes at a manufacturing company. So interesting!

[the case of BMW] 90/10/1 rule is only true in a plain Internet scenario. Participation is much higher (50/30/20)…” (Stephan Oertelt) » Interesting…

“If you can’t impact business processes, you can’t impact business value”. (from the Workshop on E2.0 in business processes)

“Human motivation can be a huge driver of business performance.” (Lee Bryant) » Yes, this is my firm believe.

“We need to help people. People need tools to help them cope with the information overload.” (Lee Bryant) » Focusing on the value for individuals.

We should not reform the silos. We need to create a connective tissue where work gets done , then we weave parallel networked structures on top and eventually silos would disappear.” (Lee Bryant) » Interesting concept!

Fundamentally all business software will become social so E2.0 as a technology concept will disappear.” (Lee Bryant) » Near future or longer term? I think the later.

“[on the importance of socializing data] That’s a great source of value now.” (Lee Bryant) » As a Competitive Intelligence responsible I highly relate to this concept. Socializing data helps to give context to “static” information.

Hope you liked this selection (which actually turned longer than expected 🙂 ).


4 thoughts on “Quotes from the E2.0 Summit

  1. sorry to interrupt but my choice goes to…

    “If you have great tools but not the people, you’ve got nothing.”

    and thank you to this new word that i’m sure i won’t be able (ever) to say it right… what was it… ?!

    ahhh Serendipity… this is how i give it some meaning: discover big things pointing to other directions

    big kiss

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