When timing kills the message

Christmas festivities have almost ended and so has 2010. As a new year approaches, the pressure of finishing projects and communicating results builds up. And if the words “key performance indicators” rings a bell than you know what I’m talking about.

In this rush to “ship things” (using the wording of Seth Godin), we often do not realize the mistakes we make in that crucial moment of delivery. When communicating something – an information, a result, a new business procedure – the message (what) is essential and the means (how) counts. But so does the timing (when). And here I’ve seen people fail, fail hard, “killing” the message by shipping it in the wrong timing. Will people really pay attention to that important new procedure communicated on Christmas Eve? Is late Friday a good timing to send your employees that important information? Sure the issuer can tick his/her to-do list, eventually fulfilling another performance indicator, but will it have the desired effect on the receiver (and the organization as a whole)? Sometimes everything seems right, but the timing just kills it all…

PS – probably issuing this post on Christmas Day is not the best of timings either 🙂



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