Recommended reading: BCG report on new marketing challenges

“Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are tackling a critical mission: transition from the marketing organization that worked in 1960 to a twenty-first-century marketing capability that can navigate the future”

Boston Consulting Group, November 2010

I find it very interesting when big and traditional consulting companies navigate through topics that apparently escape their line of expertise. McKinsey is doing a fairly good job in tracking the Web 2.0 phenomenon and its impact on companies (more information here).

And yesterday serendipity led me to the discovery of a report from the Boston Consulting Group entitled “The CMOs Imperative: Tackling New Digital Realities“. It gives an interesting perspective on the issues currently impacting the marketing strategy of companies all over the world, especially in the sphere of online marketing and social media.

I especially liked the concept of “adaptive advantage”:

“A more dynamic approach to strategy – one that emphasizes iterative experimentation in order to keep pace with incessant change – delivers what BCG calls adaptive advantage”

More information on this concept can be find here.



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