Posted in February 2011

A dream come true: teaching Enterprise 2.0

Mid February 2011: a dream comes true and I find myself standing in the classroom as the teacher. The journey started many months before when I was challenged to give a 1 hour seminar at the local business school on the topic. That experience (I must have passed the test) eventually turned into an invitation … Continue reading


Collaboration: death by email

It hit me today! I’m working on a personal project and discussions started running in email threads (supported by Dropbox for storing and sharing some files and a couple of interactions on a Facebook Group). I thought of suggesting a collaboration platform but since everyone seemed comfortable with this modus operandi I let it be. … Continue reading


Recommended reading: Inventing Management 2.0 by Gary Hamel

Every once in a while one comes across an article that truly resonates with oneself. That happened to me last Friday as several of my Twitter connections shared this article by Gary Hamel where the author explains how traditional management is totally inadequate for today’s challenging and fast changing world. Hamel describes the emergence of … Continue reading