Recommended reading: Inventing Management 2.0 by Gary Hamel

Every once in a while one comes across an article that truly resonates with oneself. That happened to me last Friday as several of my Twitter connections shared this article by Gary Hamel where the author explains how traditional management is totally inadequate for today’s challenging and fast changing world.

Hamel describes the emergence of Management 2.0:

“Around the world, “ordinary” managers of all sorts are starting to resist their captors. Most of these renegades aren’t HR directors, CFOs or even EVPs. Yet they are experimenting boldly with new ways of motivating, organizing, compensating and goal setting. They are reaching out to peers, taking risks, and running small-scale pilots.  They are acting first and asking permission later.”

I particularly identified with the following quote:

“Even more remarkable is the scope of their aspirations. They are not just hoping to become better leaders; they are hoping to build better organizations.”

I now that for some this may sound like an unrealistic or romantic view of the motivations of these grassroots managers. And yet I feel it to be so true because I know that some people see “the bigger picture”: it’s not about me, it’s about we!



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