A dream come true: teaching Enterprise 2.0

Mid February 2011: a dream comes true and I find myself standing in the classroom as the teacher. The journey started many months before when I was challenged to give a 1 hour seminar at the local business school on the topic. That experience (I must have passed the test) eventually turned into an invitation to submit a 9 hour program for one of the post graduation programs. Program accepted and in the blink of an eye I start receiving emails that started with “Dear teacher…”.

I have teaching experience in other areas but this was my first venture in teaching the art & concept of using new platforms and practices to stimulate internal collaboration and share collective intelligence, aka the future of work.

I’m not going to bore you with details. Let me just say that the experience was really good and I learned some things from the interaction with students. Namely that some concepts seemed far away from the reality that they witness in their companies (and sometimes also far away from their notions of how work gets done).

So what did I teach during 9 hours? Well, I started by explaining the concept of mass collaboration as well portrayed by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams in both Wikinomics and Macrowikinomics, talked about some collaboration myths and barriers as described by Morten T. Hansen, and explained briefly the concept and importance of Web 2.0, recommending “Here comes everybody” by Clay Shirky for future reading. I then embarked on a journey through the Enterprise 2.0 world: the concept, the benefits, the key success factors, the common errors and the “it’s more than just technology” mantra before proceeding to explain some tools and citing some case studies.

I took inspiration in authors such as Andrew McAfee (of course!), Dion Hinchcliffe, Susan Scrupski, Ross Dawson, and many others. I cited Sameer Patel, Richard Collins and Emanuele Quintarelli, I shared what I had learned in webinars with Claire Flanagan, Jamie Pappas or Megan Murray, I shared this article from Oscar Berg, this whitepaper from IBM, showed this video featuring Luis Suarez, and recommended “Open Leadership” by Charlene Li. And I started “walking the talk” with them by experimenting with a collaboration platform, just to give them a more practical view to the conceptual side of the classes.

I sincerely hope that some concepts at least resonated with the students. To me it was surely an opportunity to share my (still developing) knowledge and experience on a topic that I’m passionate about!


4 thoughts on “A dream come true: teaching Enterprise 2.0

  1. Congratulations Ana!

    I wish the best luck in this new experience so that it brings some more enlightenment to your general knowledge… By the way, when are we going to exchange some information about web 2.0+, Blogging and Social Media either on Marketing or Management point of view? ehehehe.. greetings and keep up the good work!

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