Posted in April 2011


You put your heart and soul into planning something. You deliver it. It goes well, really well. But what comes later really overwhelms you! Because you were not expecting this (thank you so much Ross): “One of the reasons I love Twitter so much is that it provides a rich substrate for serendipitous connections. A majority … Continue reading

Embrace change, embrace serendipity

This was a labour of love. And the love story began many months ago. When young Ricardo Sousa – organizer of the Switch Conference – invited me to speak there, I almost instantly knew that serendipity would be the topic. Why? Because it’s a concept that brought so many opportunities, challenges and great people into my life … Continue reading

Why I’m speaking at Switch…

…well, that you’ll have to ask Ricardo Sousa, the mentor and CMO (Chief Master Organizer 🙂 ) of what promises to be a great event! And looking at the interesting lineup of speakers, with my name popping up somewhere in between, it is no surprise if you ask “who is this Ana person”? With no … Continue reading

Blogging is not dead…

Image credit: …I just don’t have time to do it. And the reasons are very straightforward: I’m juggling several projects on top of my regular job. Those that know me quite well know that I like to involved in projects that, by their nature and objectives, speak to my heart or that I find challenging … Continue reading

Knowledge (shared) is power

Late March 2011. Flying from Frankfurt to London to attend Dachis’ Social Business Summit. I pick a Harvard Business Review magazine and seat comfortably on the plane. Open page 1 and get this: For those interested in the topics of knowledge management and, mostly recently, Enterprise 2.0 or Social Business (whatever is your favorite lexicon) … Continue reading