Why I’m speaking at Switch…

…well, that you’ll have to ask Ricardo Sousa, the mentor and CMO (Chief Master Organizer 🙂 ) of what promises to be a great event! And looking at the interesting lineup of speakers, with my name popping up somewhere in between, it is no surprise if you ask “who is this Ana person”? With no “WOW!” company on my curriculum and no “founder of impressive startup doing cool stuff” title you might be wondering who am I.

Well, you could read the about me section of this little blog, or read my short bio on Twitter but I’ll save you some trouble and profit from the fact that I can write more than 140 characters:

– I work in a big manufacturing company though this blog is my personal space only

– I have a management background but am interested in the role that technology (specially so called social platforms) plays in our lives and work and in society

– I’m particularly interested in the future of work, especially on how new paradigms of management & leadership will shape future business practices and also what is the impact of technology in enabling new workplaces

– I strongly believe we need to bring back humanity and passion into our companies and businesses and (this can sound like a paradox) I think technology can help

– I usually keep an eye on topics such as collaboration, Enterprise 2.0/Social Business and social media (there’s much more to explore out there but time and attention are scarce resources)

– besides my 9-to-something-job, I occasionally teach at the local business school, speak at events, do volunteer work, and organize conferences (IMPACT0, Ignite Portugal, Cidadania 2.0, Talks 2.0…)

– I dislike the word expert (not to mention guru!! 🙂 ) as I believe that life is a constant learning journey. I’m skilled at managing my time and energy and even that I don’t always get it right!

– I’m not telling you what I’ll be talking about at Switch. This may turn into a bad strategy but I’m willing to run the risk and learn from it if I fail 🙂

If you happen to spot me at Switch (I’ll be there all weekend) please feel free to say hello (my badge will most probably display my Twitter handle. If it doesn’t I’ll just hack it!). And if you attend my talk please give me some feedback if you feel like it. See you there!


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