You put your heart and soul into planning something. You deliver it. It goes well, really well. But what comes later really overwhelms you!

Because you were not expecting this (thank you so much Ross):

“One of the reasons I love Twitter so much is that it provides a rich substrate for serendipitous connections. A majority of the worthwhile connections I make these days come from Twitter. One of those connections is @AnaDataGirl. We have followed each other and had some conversations for a good while. So I heard multiple times that she did a gem of a presentation at SwitchConf in Oporto, Portugal last week.”

Nor do you expect getting so much positive feedback and  several attendees “hooked” on the word & concept:!/BettencourtSara/status/59629919403118592

Thank you all! 🙂 Looking forward to sharing the video once it is made available.


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