Side projects are important: Talks 2.0 and other experiences

I saw this great post the other day entitled “How to steal like an artist (and 9 other things nobody told me)” and I was particularly drawn to the sentence in this picture: side projects and hobbies are important.

I’ve come to understand the importance of side project and hobbies rather “late” in life but has the saying goes “better late than never”.

I’ve recently lived another experience that once again proved their importance (especially of the concept of side projects): the organization of an event under the brand Talks 2.0 entitled “Happiness and Creativity in Your Work Life“.

Though I’ve organized conference-like events before, this was the first time I’d been in charge of the speakers’ management, together with the majority of the communication in social media. When the (amazing!) event ended, together with a great sense of pride for a “mission accomplished” (or “happiness delivered” as we prefered to say it) and the joy of working with an amazing team, came the certainty that I had gained new competencies and knew myself a little bit better.

Last week I’ve started doing some volunteer work with young teenagers as part of the Junior Achievement program to stimulate entrepreneurship in youngsters. In the first session we spoke about the importance of getting to know oneself better by thinking about our competencies, interests and values. That “virtuous” triangle will then help us better determine the studies course/career “choices” that will be a best fit for us.

Leaving the classroom I couldn’t help but to make a parallel to my own situation, despite being already what they call a “grownup”: participating in projects such as Talks 2.0 or others gives me the ability to put myself to the test, do and learn new things, meet and work with new people with very diverse backgrounds, and, ultimately, learn more about myself.

That’s why you might say that I have a new mantra these past few years: side projects are important!


2 thoughts on “Side projects are important: Talks 2.0 and other experiences

  1. When you look back on your life, were the main projects always the important ones? What is a main and what is a side project is a rather snapshot like classification. I am convinced I have read – somewhere, somewhen – that Isaac Newton spend much more time of his life on religious works than on mathematical / physical works, and was holding those for more important.
    There was a wonderful presentation lately floating around – can’t remember by whom – about serendipity. Today’s side projects might be tomorrow’s core.

    • Good questions Gerard! I here define “side projects” as “not part of the day (& paid) job”.

      I love the quote “Today’s side projects might be tomorrow’s core”. I believe it is true, yes 🙂

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