Summer 2011 reading options

Despite still recovering from the infatuation about Cognitive Surplus and The Cluetrain Manifesto (the latest magnificent books I’ve read and of which I will try to write and publish “reviews” during the weekend… no promises though), I already took the challenging task of deciding what to read next.

I turned to my smart and interesting Twitter (my favourite serendipity “engine”) network to ask for advice, and got the following recommendations:

» Samuel Driessen (@driessen), who is currently re-reading The Cluetrain 🙂 advised “The Social Life of Information” and “The Fifth Discipline”, “great, older books, that give a deeper understanding of ‘social’ (social media, social business, social learning, etc)”, he stated. He also mentioned “The Living Company” though he still didn’t have the opportunity to read it.

» Ross Dawson (@rossdawson) recommended What Technology Wants, Robopocalypse and The Information

» Oscar Berg (@oscarberg) chose The Knowing-Doing Gap, Switch (actually I’m currently half-way through this book… it’s good), Making Ideas Happen, Linchpin (have read it and love it!) and The Information

» Luis Suarez (@elsua) mentioned  is current reading – The Power of Pull (already on my wishlist!) and also recommended Leader’s Guide to Radical Management. He’s also been wanting to read The Goal

» Gianfranco Chicco (@gchicco) recommended Disrupt by Luke Williams (@LukeGWilliams) and Luke was kind enough to tweet a link to the first chapter:

» Andrew Woolfson (@woolfiex50) hinted on The Lost Thing


Thank you all for the recommendations!

Curiously, having recently started to follow Maria Popova on Twitter (@brainpicker), I stumbled upon her Summer Reading List which includes The Information (pretty curious about that one I have to say).

Still not sure which ones I will buy (will factor in the size of the book given I’ll be probably travelling with them).

I’ll keep you posted 🙂


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