My cognitive surplus, social media and citizenship

If you recently kept track of my blog you know that Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky really made me think about how we are using our free time and the enormous possibilities uncovered by social platforms.

My day-to-day is quite busy because on top of the paid job I tend to invest my time and energy into side projects that make me grow & feel that I can make a difference, projects that I identify with.

One of those projects is due to know its second edition this year: Cidadania 2.0 (citizenship 2.0 in Portuguese). I’m not particularly involved with citizenship projects, except for the occasional volunteer work for Junior Achievement Portugal and the local food bank.

So this event, which aims to discuss the role & impact of social technologies in fostering a dialogue between citizens and local/national government & NGOs, sharing good examples and interesting case studies, is the contribution of a fraction of my cognitive surplus for the sake of a greater purpose.

It is also a renewed opportunity to work with someone as interesting and smart as Ana Neves (@ananeves).

Following edition one in 2010, the event is back this year with a “zest” of innovation as we open a space in the program for self proposed presentations of interesting projects!

So, exciting (and really busy times) ahead.


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