Why I’m speaking at WordCamp Lisboa 2011

Next Saturday I’ll go up on stage of the WordCamp Lisboa 2011, an event by the Portuguese WordPress community, to give a talk about “The art of life on blog”. I’ll be sharing my very personal experience with blogging platforms and the role that blogs play in my life.

Why am I speaking there? Well, the straightforward reply would be something like “because I got invited and said yes”. But my reasons go beyond that and include:

1. it will be a chance to catch up with some very smart & cool people and (hopefully) meet some more smart & cool people 🙂

2. I’ll be stepping out of my comfort zone. Let me explain:  looking at the lineup of speakers and their topics it really scares me. I have no coding/computing skills (trial and error doesn’t count, right? 😉 and I fear that my talk will be the alien one on the program (I’m hoping that they reeeeaaaally like alien stuff 🙂 ). But truth is that serendipity and new ideas happen at the edge of one’s areas of expertise so I like to attend events that have little to do with what I do or know. So I’m expecting to learn some new things there!

3. I’ve come to realize that, without knowing, I’m already in one way or the other a member of the Portuguese WordPress community (hmm… where do I get a cool t-shirt to go with the membership? 🙂 )

4. I love the adrenaline rush of being on stage! (though I always get really nervous before starting)

5. I get to say that I was a speaker at a WordPress event. How cool is that? 😀

And that’s it. The deck is done but the storytelling that goes with it still has to be fine-tuned (O_o, I’m late!).

I’ll blog about it afterwards. In the meantime, see you there?


6 thoughts on “Why I’m speaking at WordCamp Lisboa 2011

    • Dear gays, I’m sorry that you did not like my presentation. I’m also a bit saddened that you chose not to use your real name and email but hey, that’s life…


  1. Cara Ana,

    Gostei bastante da apresentação, Parabéns!

    Outros houve (PT+EN) que nada trouxeram a não ser sonolência!

    Não me acrescentou nada em termos técnicos (não sou um falso geek) mas achei refrescante a experiência transmitida e a forma como o fez.

    Tenho pena que existam ainda “gays” neste mundo (ref. ao comentário anterior) mas hey… the lower we meet people, the higher we realise we are!

    Já a seguia, em especial no “feed the reader”, mas acho que agora vou também seguir este Blog pois parece-me cheio de boas ideias.

    • Muito obrigada pelo comentário Pedro.

      O Feed the Reader é um projecto que eu admiro muito: as pessoas que nele participam não se levam demasiado a sério e o projecto tem a dose certa de humor, seriedade e humildade.

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