WordCamp Lisboa 2011: it’s a wrap

Yesterday, as I had announced here, I was a speaker at the first WordCamp event in Portugal, sharing my very personal experience with blogging platforms and the role that blogs play in my life.  I would like to start by thanking the organization once again for inviting me!

I guess my experience, and that of so many people that do not have any computing or web design skills and yet have their own personal space in the blogosphere, embodies the motto of WordPress, shared during the event by Scott Berkun: “Democratizing publishing”.

As I had foreseen I was out of my comfort zone on that stage. And as I had expected the talk did not resonate with everyone, which is ok.

I guess expectations on my talk were high and on that point let me leave you with a comment (sort of a lesson learned yesterday) both from my perspective as a speaker and as a conference planner: organizers of conferences or other events should manage expectations on the talks and the speakers with some balance, for the sake of the event itself and also for the comfort of the speakers.

The event was a success for a first WordCamp organized in such a short time, with an interested audience with mixed interests and levels of “geekness” 🙂

Having spoken at some events already and attended several others, let me share with you a strange (and rather sad) phenomenon I witnessed yesterday:  I returned to my seat after my talk only to find that some had preferred to comment on the looks of the female speaker (myself) and how she chose to spend her free time. I find it astonishing (and deeply sad) that in the 21st century a woman cannot go up on a stage and receive the respect she deserves as a human being. Fortunately that kind of behaviour was the exception and not the norm but somehow I could not let it go by.

On a really positive note, I had the chance to catch up with some really cool and good hearted people and to meet some great folks for the first time! A real oxygen for the soul 🙂 Thank you all for making me feel so welcomed, you know who you are.

And now getting ready to go home. Next week promises to be really challenging and side projects need to enter into cruise mode!


PS – mucha suerte para el WordCamp Sevilla en Octubre 🙂


6 thoughts on “WordCamp Lisboa 2011: it’s a wrap

  1. Hi Ana,

    I quite enjoyed your talk and I heard several laughs during the session which shows many of us related to what you were saying. Having said that I also think the “talks” are just an excuse for a bigger purpose which is to meet everyone. Networking at a WordCamp is probably the most important thing and me and Ana enjoyed very much meeting you.


  2. Quem fez esses comentários durante a tua apresentação, fê-los ainda mais despropositados durante a apresentação de outros oradores, não sei se por maldade, ignorância ou brincadeira de mau gosto.
    É triste como mais uma vez pude constatar que a comunidade *geek* masculina, ainda tem alguns elementos (cada vez menos, é verdade) que não se sabem comportar socialmente, mantendo o bom ambiente. E não falo de cor, porque há seis anos que estudo no meio deles e o que digo resulta de muitas horas de observação! 😉

    • “cada vez menos, é verdade”: sim, do que vou sabendo e vendo isso é verdade felizmente.
      Vou um prazer conhecer-te finalmente! Boa sorte para o resto do curso!

  3. Boas Ana.

    Desculpa estar a ser bastante informal, espero que não ser inconveniente. A palestra (vídeo ou transcrição) está disponível nalgum sítio? Gostava muito de a poder conhecer (a palestra… 😉 )

    Um abraço e parabéns.

    • Ricardo, obrigada pelo comentário e peço desculpa por só agora o aprovar. O alerta ficou esquecido na confusão a que chamo inbox 😦
      Presumo que o WordCamp vá disponibilizar os vídeos mas não sei quando. Aconselho a seguir o WordCamp no Twitter para ficar a par de todas as novidades!
      Abraço, Ana

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