Looking back on 2011

It’s that time of the year again: December, the festive season, the cold days coming through, the end of another year approaching. For me it has been, in the last few years, a time for taking time: time to rethink about the events of 12 months, time to draw some lessons from the yearly experiences, time to think about what I’ve gained and lost, time to think and move forward.

This December is no exception and now that the rush of the Christmas season has passed, I take some time from this sunny day off to reflect on 2011 and think about what 2012 might bring.

Looking back my first conclusion has to be: boy, what a year I’ve had!!

I was appointed to a new position at work, with the responsibility of making sense of what social technologies mean both internally (connecting employees) and externally (connecting with customers) for the company that pays for my salary. It’s been quite a journey there…

On top of that I organized 2 conferences (Happiness & Creativity in Your Work Life and Cidadania 2.0) and 3 local Ignite Portugal events. I was a speaker at Switch Conference and WordCamp Lisbon. I was invited to speak at another 5 smaller private events, both in companies and at the university. I became a post-degree teacher for the 1st time (teaching Enterprise 2.0 at the local business school).Β I wrote a book chapter on Enterprise 2.0 and business performance and another 5 or 6 articles for blogs such as Feed The Reader and Conference Basics. I organized 2 volunteer actions for the local food bank, mobilizing more than 100 volunteers.

Looking back I can barely understand how I’ve managed the frenzy of those 12 months!

It has been, for sure, one of those years that will stay with me forever: for the people I’ve met, for the books I’ve read, for the experiences (good and bad) that I’ve endured and (hopefully) the lessons learned, for the experiences that I’ve helped create, for that indescribable feeling of being more mature.

The road ahead is promising: there’s so much to learn, so many new people to meet (and so many others to re-encounter), many new challenges knocking at my door (serendipity must be working my way) and a sense that something is not quite right that promises to make me battle (to find my path) yet again during 2012!

I don’t want to make resolutions for the new year but I still want to find more time to blog (writing in a language that is not natively my own after an exhausting work’s day is not easy) and I have to better manage my energies (which may mean selectively deciding on what projects to participate next year). The rest is up to what the year might bring… and what opportunities I generate and grab!

What about you? Do you look back on the year ending during the festive season? Do you do new year’s resolutions?


6 thoughts on “Looking back on 2011

  1. Impressive indeed, Ana. But don’t forget to be happy. Life is not Foursquar, for you to be collecting achievement badges πŸ™‚
    best wishes for 2012, and the hopes we’ll meet more often. Both in successes as failures.

  2. Thank you for your comment Armando! I don’t think it’s a question of all those activities affecting my happiness, since many of those events actually contributed to it πŸ™‚ And it was also not about collecting activities, opportunities just came knocking and I said yes to most of them (sometimes it was a good decision and sometimes not so much).

    I think it’s a question of looking back, realizing what I’ve gained and lost last year, and adjusting how I spend my energies in 2012 accordingly πŸ™‚

    Yep, sure hope we meet more! Have a great 2012!

  3. That was quite a year Ana, and I’m sure you’re just getting started!
    Well Done!

    For me, at least, finding you online, seeing you speak @Wordcamp and meeting you @Cidadania 2.0 made me a richer person and increased my awareness of the Art of Life and Work (bringing creative life attitudes to the work place)!

    Thank you Ana, keep writing and have a fantastic year of 2012!

    Pedro Neves

    • Thank you so much for such a warm comment Pedro! I must admit that feedback such as this one makes me look back on 2011 with a sense of accomplishment πŸ™‚

      May you have a 2012 filled with good challenges!

  4. 2011 was a great year for you and I’m sure 2012 will be even better (and you know that I have “inside info” about this particular). I must, however, pick up Armando’s hint and remind you to occasionally stop and “smell the flowers” (ring a bell?).

    • My dearest friend Vasco, I would have been lost without you during 2011, totally lost! That’s all I can say πŸ™‚

      2012 will be a promising (yet challenging) year for both of us, I’m sure!

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