How networks and technology formed a sort of modern “book club”

I spend a lot of my time connected to the World, either via computer or smartphone. My main drive for being connected is not one of mere entertainment nor one of checking general news or seeing what friends are doing, though both actions are interesting and I do them also.

I would say that my main drive is the constant learning on topics that interest me (and that rarely are of interest to my “offline” network), the discovery of new resources & interesting people, and the connection with a network of really smart people that, all over the World, share an interest around the same topics: enterprise 2.0, collaboration, social business, technology & social media as humanizing factors and the future of work.

In that sense, the fact that I can tap into a world of connections and resources in the quietness of this small piece of land that I call home, makes me deeply believe that we now live in extraordinary times.

This feeling is reinforced from time to time, when small, almost trivial, actions remind me of the power of connectedness. One of the latest events to fall into this category is the story of this very interesting and useful crowdsourced list of books and articles. What started as a question on G+ but quickly developed into this thread, with the initial participants reaching out to their own networks in order to enrich the list. And I’m happy to have contributed.

When it comes to books, I often look for references/recommendations from “people like me”, so this is perfect! Check it out and if you have books or articles to suggest feel free to do so.


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