Posted in June 2012

Change agents at the office!

Change agents at the office!

The concept is not new but maybe you have never heard of it. I’ve been musing about it for some time now. In fact, this is a long overdue post! I remember it coming back to my mind when reading The Power of Pull… Continue reading


A different look-back on the Social Business Forum 2012

“Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them” People. The human connectedness. Generosity, empathy, openness, warmth. Conversation, sharing, caring, contributing. This is my look-back on the Social Business Forum that took place this week in Milan, Italy. I won’t talk about technology, organizational design, metrics or analytics. Nor will … Continue reading

A small contribution to the Commons

Travelling is something that I like to do and that I promised myself I would do more this year! Ever since I started giving some talks, and thus having the need to scout for visual material to enrich the slides and help me tell my story, I started to appreciate more deeply the concept of … Continue reading