Social Now: interview with event organizer Ana Neves

No sales pitch, just Social… Now! This could well be the motto of the event my friend Ana Neves is currently organizing, due to take place in the 27th and 28th of June in the lovely city of Oporto, Portugal (I’m honoured to be part of the panel of experts of this event).

To understand a bit more about the purpose and uniqueness of Social Now, I interviewed her recently.



Now Founder and Director of consultancy company Knowman, Ana Neves spent several years working in the UK with a vast curriculum including Knowledge Manager in the British Department of Heath, Cultural Change Manager at Abbey National and Senior Consultant at Headshift. More about her background here:

1. Why are you organizing Social Now?

I am lucky enough to work and talk with many organisations in different countries. Lately, during those interactions, I have been noticing a sense of frustration in many of them. They know they are not collaborating and sharing knowledge as well as they should. Equally they see so many people using social tools to talk, interact, share ideias, etc. on public sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Organisations want to see how these tools could support their internal processes. But they are confused both with the amount of choice and the many different criteria which can / should be used to select a tool.

I like to think I am a good listener and I like to think I do things that meet the requirements of those I work with. So, Social Now, was completely designed with their needs in mind.

2. There are several events on social business and social tools in Europe, what distinguishes Social Now from other events?

Other events focus on case studies. And I really value them. However, because we are talking about intranets, those sharing their own experience can rarely show more than a couple of screenshots. That leaves many question marks in participants’ minds.

At Social Now participants will see how Cablinc, a fictitious company, would use each social tools for innovation management, project-based collaboration and topic-based knowledge sharing.

1 company. 3 business cases. 13 tools. This is what will help participants identify:

  • the best tool for their organisation
  • good tools to complement their existing ones and
  • processes and approaches they can use to improve adoption and impact of their own internal platforms.

In order to help participants further, a panel of three independent professionals, you being one of them (yay!), will pose questions to unveil some more details about each tool and to enlighten participants on important aspects to consider when choosing a tool.

So Social Now will be a lot about tools, but presented from the perspective of one company (Cablinc) using them, i.e. tools and work processes. And you know me, Ana: red cards will be at hand to stop any attempt to start with generic sale pitches 🙂

3. What types of participants (job roles, nationalities, etc) are you expecting?

The event will have English as the official language so that participants can come from anywhere. Having said that, I am expecting participants to come mostly from Europe, although I am trying really hard to attract companies from Brasil where I have many contacts and where companies are increasingly interest in exploring the concept and tools for the social organisation.

4. What can participants expect from the overall two-days’ program?

The highlights will definitely be:

  • the innovative format for comparing tools
  • the valuable input of the panel
  • great keynote speakers who will share their views on the future of work (Lee Bryant and Oscar Berg, will be in da house!)
  • knowledgeable professionals who will provide some tips on topics like adoption, SaaS, etc
  • an equally knowledgeable and extremely nice host – Samuel Driessen
  • many opportunities for networking with the international crowd.

5. Living near Lisbon, why did you chose to host Social Now in Oporto?

A variety of reasons:

  • it is closer to the rest of Europe
  • international airport with many cheap-flights operators
  • with people already thinking of Summer holidays, why not combining work with pleasure, visiting the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage city of Oporto, also considered the Best European Destination in 2012?

You are a bit biased, but do you think I make a good choice?


Well, definitely a great choice Ana! Looking forward to seeing all of you in June at Social Now. Register to attend here:

Readers of this blog are entitled to a special discount of 20%. Just use special promotion code ArtLifeWork

PS – you might also want to check this excellent blog post from host Samuel Driessen


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