A different look-back on the Social Business Forum 2012

Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them”


The human connectedness.

Generosity, empathy, openness, warmth. Conversation, sharing, caring, contributing.

This is my look-back on the Social Business Forum that took place this week in Milan, Italy. I won’t talk about technology, organizational design, metrics or analytics. Nor will I comment on the challenges we [practitioners and evangelists] are facing (for that check this excellent post by John Stepper or this great interview with Luis Suarez. And you should also browse the set of presentations on Slideshare).

No, what I will remember from #sbf12 are the people.

People who strive to shape the future of their organizations from the inside (the intrapreneurs… more on that on a blog post to come soon).

People excited about the potential of bringing back human connectedness to businesses.

People frustrated that many executives are still not paying attention to the importance of preparing their companies for the future of work.

People who are not afraid to say “social has a place in business… and for business”.

People who talk frankly and are curious to learn from others.

People who, whether sharing stronger or weaker ties, connect amongst themselves and welcome new connections.

People who dare to organize something as the Social Business Forum in a Europe dominated by talks of crisis and unemployment!

People who just want to make a difference.

People. It is all about the human connectedness & interaction. It always is. After all, isn’t that what business is about?


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