It’s an app world after all

Several of my friends enjoyed the unique experience of maternity this year. In each of the visits to meet & greet the newborns I would invariably find a couple of bewildered and tired adults who now found themselves living the new and challenging roles of mother and father.

In one of the visits the newly mother was commenting with one of our friends – a doctor – about a particular condition she was facing. When our doctor friend recommended some helpful daily exercises the mother just said “I’m sure I’ll forget all about it in a few days”. The doctor recommended she would try to build that into a routine and naturally just said “look, there’s an app that will help you, I’ll show you” while picking up her Android phone.

While the newly father looked up the app on his iPad and they chatted about how to build a routine, I contemplated the scene astonished by the fact that, well, there was an app for that also!

I use apps on my smartphone and tablet all the time. I’m used to seeing the effect of apps on my runner friends, “competing” against the goals they set or against other friends or run enthusiasts. And I’m curious to see how the world of apps will make its way into the enterprise. But somehow that particular scene led me to acknowledge a new range of use cases and possibilities for apps.

And in fact, according to an article that I stumbled upon recently on that serendipity machine called Twitter, it seems that apps are coming fast to the health care sector:

“Simple apps that track users’ personal fitness goals have already gained wide traction. Now medical professionals and entrepreneurs want to use similar approaches to dealing with chronic ailments like diabetes or heart disease.”

It seems it’s an app world out there after all.


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