The Future of Work @ Startup Pirates

When my friends at the Startup Pirates project invited me to come and talk about The Future of Work at their September 2012 event in my hometown of Porto, my immediate answer was yes.

I’ve been interested for some time now about this topic, especially in what concerns the impact of new technologies and of our increasing global connectedness in the way we will work.

Funny enough, and without my Pirate friends knowing, I had even started collecting interesting material for a presentation because this was a theme I wanted to share and talk about whenever an opportunity arose (or serendipity came knocking!).

The Startup Pirates is an excellent initiative from a group of very smart young people that helps entrepreneurs build preparedness to set sail and start shipping their ventures:

“Startup Pirates is an one-week acceleration program for entrepreneurs in the making. Basically, through a combination of training, mentoring and idea development we help participants structure and develop their ideas and in the end we give them the opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors and successful business leaders.”

In my presentation I tried to emphasize some major trends, both tech and non-tech related, that are affecting the way individuals and organizations are looking at work. I then connected those trends to the three main questions:

  • how we will work?
  • in what we will work?
  • which skills will we need?

I tried to give an overview of the connection between those trends and the how/in what/which skills trio of questions, always bearing in mind that my audience was a group of mostly young to-be entrepreneurs.

At the end of the presentation I left them with two basic questions:

  • were they building their preparedness for the future of work regarding personal skills?
  • were their ideas or projects somehow addressing these future trends?

I finished off with a tour around some examples of different projects that I feel tie in with that theme, be it helping make sense of big data sets or helping develop new skills through online learning.

And I even ventured into changing their Pirates motto from “Why join the Navy … if you can be a Pirate?” into “Why wait for the future of work… if you can help create it?”.

Though the talk was delivered in Portuguese, I uploaded an English version of the slides:

Enjoy and feel free to leave any comments or questions!


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