E2.0 Expert Talk: Concretizing the Digital Workplace

This past week I participated in a Google Hangout (actually my first Hangout experience) on the topic of Concretizing the Digital Workplace following the invitation by Bjoern Negelmann. Other participants included Oscar Berg, Claude Super, Stephan Schillerwein and Hans-Juergen Sturm.

On the one hour Hangout, and despite facing some connection challenges, we discussed the concept of the Digital Workplace, addressing the biggest challenges and external factors driving change at the workplace.

As I mentioned in the discussion, in my opinion the notion of a digital workplace is about enabling the work of the 21st century workforce and also building the capabilities for companies to prepare themselves for the challenges & opportunities of the future of work, a topic I’ve addressed recently on a presentation for a group of young entrepreneurs.

The discussion could be summed up to the following points:

  • the Digital Workplace is not about the traditional deployment of tools as one might expect  in implementing, for example, an ERP
  • when it comes to systems architecture, the future of the workplace should be service-oriented more than tool-centric
  • the Digital Workplace also needs be people-centric so it’s important to understand the context of how employees get things done and how work is changing
  • it is also important to work on the digital literacy front in order to drive adoption: not all employees/coworkers, regardless of age or education, understand how new concepts, tools or services can improve productivity, engagement and problem-solving
  • cultural aspects – both company & country culture – mattter
  • external factors are driving the transformation of the workplace: consumerization of IT, for example

If you are interested in knowing more I invite you to see the full discussion here:

On the topic of the Digital Workplace you should also see the work done regularly by Jane McConnell.


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