Posted in March 2013

Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013 in 5 keywords

Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2013 in 5 keywords

The magnificent city of Paris received once again the Enterprise 2.0 Summit, one of the most important events on E2.0 and Social Business. A crowd of practitioners, consultants and some vendor-related folks gathered during two days to share experiences and discuss the current state and future of the transformation of business in a connected world. … Continue reading

A look at Digital Workplace Trends in 2013

It is an exciting time for digital practitioners and 2013 promises to be a turning point for many organizations. The digital workplace concept is gaining momentum as organizations are beginning to realize that work is fundamentally changing This is one of the opening quotes that can be found in the Digital Workplace Trends Report 2013 … Continue reading

Social Learning in Organizations and the role of HR

I’ve been following Harold Jarche’s writing since mid 2012. I’d come across his Twitter handle some times in my timeline, through my network’s retweets, but it was only after someone I admire recommending him that I started paying more attention to his work. When Harold tweeted this week that he would be conducting a free … Continue reading