Posted in May 2013

Community management and hiring talent for social: the example of General Mills

A quieter couple of weeks at the end of April, blessed with two public holidays, enabled me to catch up on (some of my) reading backlog. Among the articles bookmarked was one about community management at General Mills based on a talk by Aaron Miller: General Mills: Building a Team of Connected Community Managers — … Continue reading


Recommendations and our (digital) reputation

Yesterday a blog post from JP Rangaswami got me thinking about the increasing value of an honest recommendation. Today a LinkedIn post by danah boyd got me thinking (a little bit more) about the future of work and some blurring lines (and also about what a dream job would look like!). Combined, they also got … Continue reading


Network social movements: anger, hope and technology

Back in March this year, Gordon Ross wrote this great post reflecting on the role of power in organizations and its impact on social intranets projects. Reading that post left me musing on three topics: power as a relationship and the impact that has on our traditional notion of empowerment: in short, for someone to … Continue reading