Cidadania 2.0: the next chapter

The adventure started back in 2010 when I happened to finally meet Ana Neves and she shared with me her idea of raising awareness, in Portugal and beyond, about the potential of social tools to support citizenship projects, drive collective action and stimulate conversations between governments and citizens. From that initial exchange of ideas and views a project was born: Cidadania 2.0 (citizenship 2.0).

It started as an annual event, with a 1st edition in the autumn of 2010 showcasing Portuguese and international examples of governments, NGOs or group of citizens using social platforms to better support their initiatives.

For the 2nd and 3rd editions, in the two following years, we had an addition to the team with Vitor Silva joining us. We also extended the program to two full days, leaving room for projects to submit their own proposals to present their work, and to allow time for workshops and hands-on work on some initiatives.

But as soon as that 3rd edition was over back in October 2012 two things seemed certain:

  • it would be hard to organize the event this year due to several constraints, including getting sponsors
  • and just hosting the event was starting to feel like it was not enough

The event was never an end in itself. It was the starting point for giving visibility to projects already around, starting discussions and stimulating connections between teams that might be working on similar initiatives. So the idea that Cidadania 2.0 could develop into a platform for permanently showcasing those projects related to citizenship that use social tools, such as public social networks, dedicated online communities or social functionalities incorporated into their own online platforms, started to develop.

That idea was finally materialized this past week, thanks to the never ending drive and stamina of Ana Neves and the fantastic support of Samsys (unfortunately with a scarce participation from my side due to concurring projects).


The new Cidadania 2.0 platform


The first projects have already been inserted in the platform and more will come, I’m sure! If you speak Portuguese please visit Cidadania 2.0, browse the initiatives already detailed there and submit your own if you have one.



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