Interview with Stowe Boyd for his Socialogy series

I’ve long admired the work of Stowe Boyd, and especially his reflections on the future of work and business, and had the chance to finally meet him at the Social Now event in Portugal.

So when Stowe challenged me to an interview for his Socialogy series I was thrilled with the invitation!

Our conversation about humanizing business, the role of technology and the importance of social sciences, has just been published.

As some of you know, I’ve talked about these topics at TEDxOporto this year. As I’ve shared with Stowe during the interview:

“In order to bring back humanity into business we should start by exploring what makes us unique: our ability to emotionally understand others through empathy, our capability of caring for others (including our customers and colleagues) and the gift or recognizing the work and help of others.”

Go HERE to read the full interview! Thank you Stowe for the invitation.

Stowe Boyd Interview for Socialogy series

Interview with Stowe Boyd for Socialogy series




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