Want to know how to say curry in Spanish? Twitter helps!

Back in August I was working on the translation of some promotion material into different languages, namely Spanish. And though my knowledge of the language of nuestros amigos is fairly good, I had one persistent doubt and not even my native work colleagues were sure of the correct answer: how do you say curry in Spanish?

I turned to the website of the Real Academia Española, the institution responsible for officially overseeing the Spanish language, but still couldn’t find an answer.

Until I noticed that they had a special Twitter account (@RAEinforma) and hashtag (#RAEconsultas) through which they answered questions related to grammar, the meaning of certain words and similar information.

So I decided to give it a try. And in less than 24hrs I had my reply:

It never fails to amaze me the fact that I can seat at the office, ask a question via a social media channel such as Twitter, and get a reply that will help me do my work!

It also never fails to amaze the amazing people and resources (posts, articles, videos, webinars…) that these channels put in my path. Which is why I believe we should use them as much as possible to stimulate kindness, humanity and empathy.





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