New beginnings

September is fast approaching, the moment to welcome autumn in all its glory and beauty (I must confess it is my favourite season). A time to put the silly season away (finally!), to plan new hobbies, personal projects, and the concerts and theatres performances that my intellect is craving for.

But looking back on the last autumn season it proved, rather unexpectedly as one never seems to be prepared for tough times, not to be the best of seasons. The illness and subsequent passing away of a family member, coupled with the loss of a family pet a few weeks later, did not leave fond memories of the period between September 2014 and mid-June 2015.

Add to this a feeling of deep unrest and a desire to learn new things and develop new skills and you can easily guess where my mind was.

I guess that helps explain why I haven’t blogged in a long while and why I was more absent from Twitter than usual. I was trying to pick myself and my family up along the way.

Amidst the turbulent times, some rays of sunshine appeared now and then. Work kept me busy, singing in the choir was my therapy, my friends helped and culture (jazz and theater plays, mostly) provided some comfort for the soul. And a new professional challenge, in the area of open innovation, came along giving me plenty opportunities to learn about a new business and challenge myself!

So now, as September is just around the corner, I look back on the things I’ve learned in the past year, about myself and about life, and think: “time for the season to change again”.

Here’s to new beginnings.

The calm after the storm


2 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. I also look forward to Fall as a time of new beginnings, and have likewise dealt with family losses over the past couple of years.

    But I just moved into a new house two months ago, and I’ve been heady with the possibilities of having my own place: building building raised garden beds and otherwise trying to make it as self-sufficient as possible. It seems just about every time I’ve moved has been in September, and the months afterwards have been a time of excitement and optimism for me.

  2. Good to hear from you via your blog, Ana! Seems like you’ve been through some rough times. Glad to read your ready for new beginnings.
    I haven’t been blogging a lot either (mainly due to work…). But I’m ready for new (blogging) beginnings as well.
    Good luck and hopefully we’ll meet again soon. 🙂

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